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2023 Theme -  GODLY DEVOTION 2023 Theme - GODLY DEVOTION


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Posted on Sun, Jan 29, 2023

The Year 2023 is proclaimed at the New Generations Unified Church (NGUC) as the “Year of Godly Devotion.” 

The NGUC is asking everyone to join us in proclaiming 2023 as the Year of Godly Devotion.  However, please be aware, exhibiting Godly Devotion does not end after 2023, but rather it continues throughout our earthly lives.

God created man and woman after His own image (Genesis 1:27) and part of being in His image is that we clearly reflect His character.  Being Godly means possessing an internal devotion to God which is displayed externally.

Godly Devotion demonstrates a life devoted to God.  Many people demonstrate religious devotion; for example, passing by churches or other allegedly sacred objects and praying to or reverencing those objects.  However, there is a profound difference between religious devotion and Godly Devotion. Religious devotion is done unto man and Godly Devotion is done unto God.

A life committed to Godly Devotion represents a life lived which exerts an effort to mirror every aspect of God’s character and nature. It is a life that is devoted to the will of the Lord. Godly Devotion causes a person to consider God in everything;  to serve God in everything, every aspect of his/her life is devoted to the Lord, to His will, and to His glory.  Every desire, every wish, and every passion are brought under subjection to the will of the Lord.  Godly Devotion requires living as a Godly example to others (1 Timothy 4:12).

Godly Devotion requires a person to recognize life is no longer about pleasing themselves but about pleasing the Lord (John 8:29, Romans 8:8).  The one who is humbled, the one who realizes that all his/her strength, knowledge, and will are minuscule compared to the Lord’s.  In other words, Godly Devotion is not a religious act but rather a life of subjection to the will of God.

Are you willing to surrender your all to Jesus Christ (John 14:6)?  It does not take much for anyone to learn denominational rules, submit to bylaws, and follow unbiblical traditions. Many denominations and/or religions require that of their followers. But we cannot become godly without the Holy Spirit empowering us to do so (Acts 1:8). Godliness is more than outward behaviors; it is the continual seeking after God’s heart (Isaiah 55:6–7).

The Bible is a never changing spiritual/truth guide for anyone who desires to exercise Godly Devotion.  Reflecting the nature of God should be the goal of everyone who seeks to be a godly man or woman.  Will you join the NGUC and commit to Godly Devotion in 2023 and thereafter?


Pastor Garry

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